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Calculator, Construction Master Pro DT Desktop

# C21029

New! With Jumbo Display For Building, Carpentry & Architect/Engineering Pro’s
Work Smarter, Build Better, and Improve Your Bottom Line!
We’ve taken the best features of the original Construction Master IV, added some useful new “Pro” functions, and made it bigger and easier to use! An essential tool for your office desktop. It’s the most complete Builder’s Calculator on the market!

Quickly & easily figure:
Dimensional Math and Conversions: Works Directly in Feet, Inches, Fractions, Yards and Metric
Handles All Fractions-1/2’s, 1/4’s, 1/8’s, 1/16’s, 1/32’s, 1/64’s
Instant Areas and Volumes
Full Trigonometric Functions
Easy Right Angle and Rafter Calculations, Including Slopes, Square-Ups, Common Rafter Lengths Regular and Irregular Hip/Valley Rafter Lengths
Regular and Irregular Jack Rafter Lengths
Enhanced Stair Riser/Tread Solutions, for Fast and Accurate Stair Layout
Board Feet/Lumber Estimation
Per Unit Material Cost
New! D:M:S to Decimal Degree Conversions
New! Complete Circle Solutions
New! Six Material Estimation Functions, Including: Block, Brick, Column, Cone, Footing, Roof
New! Acres, Kilograms, Pounds, Tons and Metric Tons Conversions
New! Improved Rake Wall Function
New! Custom Rafter Settings, such as Ascending or Descending Lengths
New! Plumb, Level and Cheek Cut Angles New! Memory Storage Keys New! Enhanced User Set Preferences Handy Backspace Key Paperless Tape Works as a Regular Calculator Also Includes: Large, Multi-Position Tilt Display New! Large, Easy-to-Read User’s Guide Long-Life Battery