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Data Collector, Clamp (Hixon) 1 3/4″ quick release

# D13021

Hixon Pole bracket with quick release for data collectors. Use with your Hixon pole or other pole (see ordering information below for correct size). Ideal for RTK GPS or robotic applications.

All metal clam shell design gives this data collector bracket strength advantages over others. Semi-permanent attachment is rugged, with the ability to remove or adjust using an ordinary Allen type wrench. Properly installed, it cannot fall off, slip or crush pole. Fits all SECO type data collector cradles and allows the user select a comfortable viewing angle.

For Hixon 25 ft and other 1 3/4″ O.D. Poles

Circular level vial available for an additional charge.

For Hixon 8 ft , 12 ft and other 1 1/4″ O.D. Poles use Item No. D13017
For Hixon 16 ft, 20 ft and other 1 1/2″ O.D. Poles use D13020