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Scanner Ball, 6″ dia. Satin Gray w/5/8″x11 Thread Mount

# SCA100

Price is for 6″ spherical target ball ONLY. Other survey equipment shown in photos available separately.

6″ Spherical Ball Target for 3-D Laser Scanners.

Ball is satin gray in color and has a spherical accuracy of +/-0.010″. Comes with standard 5/8″x11 brass thread insert.

Recommended accessories: An optional 1″ mini prism (part P32020, available separately shown in upper right picture) can be mounted below the ball for dual-use with a total-station. Mini-prism offset is the standard 30mm.

Photos, 1) 6″ target ball, 2) target ball with mini-prism, 3) total-station and spherical ball target in use with 3-D laser scanner on the job at Denver Intl. Airport.

Price is for 6″ spherical target ball ONLY. Mini-prism, total-station, 3-D laser scanner, tripods and other survey equipment available separately.