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Compass, 0 to 360 SM360LA (Sightmaster)

# C58041

Sightmaster (SM Series)

Precision sighting compasses or optical bearing compasses offer the convenience of two compasses in one – as a hand held compass or as a sighting compass. All Brunton sighting models incorporate a 10X magnification precision ground sighting lens with a diopter sight. This allows compass estimations to 1/4 of one degree. Shipped with a lanyard and easy to understand instructions. Two year warranty. Map scales (inch and metric) conveniently displayed on the compass housing.

The permanently magnetized compass dial provides one degree increments and is calibrated to magnetic north with a precision of 1/2 degree. The liquid damped compass capsule contains an antistatic fluid which allows quick, precise compass reading. Two standard azimuth scales are available 0-360 and quadrants (0-90-0). When held at eye level both the bearing to the object and the reverse bearing are displayed on 0-360 graduation models.