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Level, Auto NA2 32X (LEICA)

# L21170

This universal automatic level meets all the requirements for precision levelling. As soon as the NA2 is set-up on a tripod and levelled with the bubble, the automatic compensator ensures that the line of sight is horizontal so that each staff reading is reliable.

Leica’s top-class optical quality gives the NA2 a bright, erect high contrast image.

  • Push button compensator check
  • Endless horizontal drive for left and right-handed users
  • Coarse and fine focusing knob.
  • Play-free foot screws
  • Optional 40x eyepiece available
  • Optical micrometer available

NAK2 with horizontal circle available upon request

Call 800-762-5252 or 970-482-0111 for more information or a quotation.