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Locator, Schonstedt, GA-92XTd W/ meter

# L23033

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When you have your hands full on the job site, carry the XT on your hip. The XT extends for greater sensitivity and retracts for easier carrying. One hand operation makes finding faster, providing both audio and visual (XTd model) indication of ferrous objects up to 16 feet underground. -One hand operation -Operates in both retracted and extended modes -Fingertip control of volume and sensitivity -Quick change battery compartment -Battery indicator Features Seven Year Warranty Digital readout and expanding bar graph displays signal strength and polarity Continuous Gain control, with range indicated by a 4-segment LCD at each quarter turn Piezoelectric speaker 24-Hours operational life (intermittent usage) on 1 lithium 9-volt battery The unit is shipped with two 9-volt lithium batteries. Lithium batteries provide twice the life of alkalines, and have a 10-year shelf life. 4-Segment BATT LCD monitors battery charge Lightweight, easy-to-use-design reduces search time Modular construction; high performance components Patented HeliFlux? sensors No response to aluminum, brass, or copper Y2K compliant Holster and Case is included. Specifications Output Audio Signal increases in frequency with gradient-field intensity. Idle frequency = 10 Hz Visual Expanding bar graphs indicate polarity (+ or -) and relative strength (GA-92XTd model only) Battery Life 24 Hours (intermittent usage) Input Power One lithium 9-volt battery Battery Check 4-segment LCD BATT indicator Weight Approximately 2.4 lb. (1.1 kg) Operating Temp -13o to 140oF (-25o to 60oC) Overall Length 26 in. (~66 cm) (when extended) 15.5 in (~39 cm) (when collapsed) Waterproof Length 11.5 in. (~29 cm) (when extended) Nominal Sensor Spacing 9.5 in. (~24 cm) Construction 30% glass-filled, high impact ABS, .2 in (~5 mm) wall thickness