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Paint, Marking Flo Pink (20oz Can)

# P01229

Aervoe’s solvent-based marking paint is a superior upside down marking paint that is designed to clearly and effectively mark the location of underground utilities, planned construction, and survey marking. Colors formulated to meet standards set by OSHA and APWA/One Call Systems.
-Non-clogging can empties contents completely
-High Delivery available for faster delivery and better coverage
-Mark is visible for 3 to 6 months depending on traffic and exposure
-This product is not recommended for use on turf surfaces

Uses: Adheres to almost any surface, including wood, concrete, asphalt, brick and gravel. Clearly mark underground utilities, proposed excavation, surveying and landscape marking. Use bulk liquid for dipping stakes. Spray paint must be shipped by ground transportation. No overnight shipment available.