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Tape, Nylon/Steel 300′ Open Reel W/Leader 10ths

# T36210

Graduated in Feet, 10ths and 100ths. Zero Point 12″ from End of Tape

Keson Nylon-coated Steel Tape Measures are uniquely break resistant because of a .2mm thickness of permanently bonded nylon which is coated (not sprayed) over a sturdy .13mm steel core center.

Because of the multi-layed construction, these tapes are not only corrosion resistant (even to salt water), but have a life of more than three times that of ordinary steel tape measures. They bend easily to measure curved surfaces. With only a 3/8″ wide blade, the tape is not affected by wind as are wider tapes.

Graduations are permanently legible, beinig printed in 2 colors (black and red) on a snow white covered nylon, over which an easy-to-clean, non-glare vinyl coating has been applied.