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GPS, Battery Kit for Base Station (Hixon)

# GPS6000


Our Base Battery Kit is designed to meet the rigorous demands of surveyors wanting a tough and reliable power supply for a GPS base station. A 33 amp hour 12 volt battery and charger are mounted securely in a tough waterproof utility box. Made from orange thick wall high visiblity copolymer plastic. Lid is secured with a super strong reinforced steel pin hinge system. Heavy duty latch system.

Kit includes cables with SAE connectors to power your PDL base radio and GPS receiver. Banana Plug connectors provide fast, secure power connections to the battery.

The 1.5 amp hour charger is built into the case. Charger stays with the battery so you can be sure it’s available when you needed. A six foot power cord is included. Charger is connected to the battery.

Outside Dimensions: 15″W X 11.5″L X 8″D
Approximate Weight: 31 lbs

Base PDL Radio not included. Available separately.

Call 800-762-5252 or 970-482-0428 for more information.