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Laser Gun, Impulse 2K

# L2701

The Impulse 2K is a revolutionary laser practically eliminates range barriers – making super-long, accurate distance measurements a reality. With the push of a button you can obtain distances up to an incredible 2.2 kilometers of 1.4 miles to non-reflective targets, with one meter accuracy.

Examples of distance measurements in real working conditions up to:
700-900 yards – to animals
900-1000 yards – to a dirt embankment
1800-1500 yards – to a tree
1700-2000 yards – to a building

-Rugged, waterproof, one-piece aluminum housing built for every working environment
-Weaver rails allows you to use our stock zoom scope or mount your favorite optic.
-6 digit backlit LCD display provides readability for day and night operation
-Audio and visual indicators assure confidence of positive target acquisition